Monday, November 10, 2008

Nude Pics or Not - Adrienne Bailon Racy Photos

Nude Pics or Not - Adrienne Bailon Racy Photos

Adrienne Bailon’s lewd racy intimate pictures have been spread on the internet by an extortionist after his demands of 1000 dollars were ignored by the singer’s music company.

According to available reports, Adrienne Bailon’s Apple laptop was snitched sometime back when the singer was waiting for her aeroplane at JFK. Realizing her possesion was not with her any more, Adrienne Bailon immediately rushed to lodge the report with the port authority. (She might have known how badly she was compromised).

According to her record label group, the company received an anonymous phone call from a man saying he’d return her laptop if he got a sum of $1,000.

Now that sounds like complete BS. Whats a better way to get publicity and jump into the league of players like Paris Hilton etc. All this is bull. Its a publicity stunt contrived by some music industry executive in giving the client some media coverage and its all old hat.

It seems as if Disney cleans her house once again, like others of its stars have had some democracy photos on the Internet. Time is Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, which he took for his girlfriend, Robert Kardashian.

The images are not intended to appear online, but his laptop was stolen in October, the JFK. Disney has created a clean image for children, and borne by the people there who stole the images can do much more damage from what they think.

I hate for my grandchildren to come through one of their favorite Disney characters appear naked online. Adrienne Bailon now joined wall of shame in the interests of Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens.

Adrienne Bailon, Kim Kardashian by sudharsan_07.

Robert Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon, Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick by jeffdenver.

adrienne-bailon by kamildouglas911.

Adrienne Bailon Racy Photos have been splashed all over the internet. The Disney chick Adrienne Bailon seems to be following in the footsteps of Britney, Ashley, and other Hollywood stars who have had their racy intimate pics spread around the internet.

Adrienne Bailon is the eldest member of the Disney teeney booper pop group The Cheetah Girls and is the latest victim of a seemingly extortion plot.

From what I have heard, Adrienne Bailon’s Apple notebook was stolen sometime back when the singer was waiting for a flight at JFK in New York. The moment she realized that her laptop is stolen, she filed a police report in the airport.

Not surprisingly, some time later that day, her music publishing label received an anonymous phone call from a man saying he’d return her laptop if he got a sum of $1,000.

Wow, 1000 dollars. Who in his right mind would ask for such a pathetic amount. Sounds more like a made up story.

Watch the youtube video clip I have included below showing Adrienne Bailon and her boyfriend.


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